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Your Back Pain 


Over 3 Million People have put their trust in TEETER. The only Inversion Table on the market that is FDA-REGISTERED.


Set Height - Teeter tables are engineered for precision balancing; simply set your height and it will delivery smooth rotation.


Set Angle - Pick your angle of inversion, the greater the angle, the greater the stretch.


Lock Ankles - Our patented ankle supports are made of special pressure-reducing material for superior comfort and security.


Recline and Relax - Simple arm movements control the rotation. Use the Teeter for just a few minutes a day to decompress the spine, reduce the pressure and relieve the pain.





Using gravity and your own body weight, the Teeter decompresses the spine to rejuvenate the discs, relieve pressure on nerves, realign the spine, and release muscle tension. You will feel better, move better because you'll have improved flexibility and less muscle tension, improved spinal alignment and better posture.

Using a Teeter helps in the relief in four ways

Rehydrate Discs

Clinical studies show that when inverted the separation between the vertebrae increases, this allows for moisture to be absorbed into the soft tissue of the discs, increasing the nutrient content as well as plumping the discs for better shock absorption and flexibility.

Realign the Spine

The traction applied also decompresses the spine to create an environment where misalignments can naturally fall back into place.

Reduce Nerve Pressure

The height of the discs relates to the size of the passageway for the nerve roots to exit from the spinal column, so plump hydrated disc creates maximum clearance, helping to alleviate any pressure of pinching of the nerve root.

Relax Tense Muscles

Muscles are gently stretched as circulation is increased, helping to reduce tension.



Time to take care of you

Start living pain free.


EP-960™ Inversion Table

The EP-960 is the most popular model from the Teeter ComforTrak Series, designed for back pain relief and includes upgraded and optional accessories to elevate and enhance your inversion experience.

EZ-Stretch Traction Handles

These additional multi-use handles can be utilized for further stretching and decompression options, easy oscillation assistance, and a simple release option from full inversion.

Stretch Max Handles

These extra-long handles provide a grip surface to assist new users while getting used to inverting, and to enhance stretching options for more experienced inverters.

EZ-Angle Rotation Control

Features a specialized guide with pre-set positions for beginning through advanced inversion.

EZ-Reach Ankle System

The triple-lock security and an extended handle reduces the need to bend when securing the ankles.

Watch: EP-960 Inversion Table Features

Frequently Asked Questions


"Isn't all the blood going to go to my head? Are there any risks?"

A: The Body accommodates for the changing blood pressure by dilating the vessels and capillaries and increasing the cerebral spinal fluid to support the vessels. Will you feel increased pressure and will your face turn red? Probably. The redness is a result ...


"Does the Teeter inversion table foldable for storage? How much space will I need?"

A: Yes, it is, most of our inversion table can fold in just a few seconds for quick and easy storage while not in use - no disassembly required. The storage dimensions are ...


"I can get a cheaper, lighter and smaller inversion tables on the market, why Teeter?"

A: Don't be fooled by the lookalikes. Components made from thinner tubing, cheaper materials and with less of a support structure may look fine but may be shortcuts that compromise quality ...

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