Rotate on our precision balance system, which allows you total control with simple weight displacement of your arms.
Teeter's manual inversion tables meet the medical-grade equipment standard. Teeter is the only FDA-cleared as a Class 1 Medical Device.


High-quality materials matched with proprietary design created products that are engineered for long-term structural integrity and ease of use.

Look for the UL mark on the product – the only way to ensure that an inversion table is independently certified for quality! With over 37 years of experience and the only inversion tables on the market to have passed these specifications, our Inversion Tables are built to better deliver the benefits!


*Testing by Dynamark Engineering following UL 1647 safety testing specifications.


One inversion table may look the same as the next, but buyer beware–looks may be deceiving. What may not be immediately obvious are vital design features for user protection and reliable function.


In engineering reviews comparing competing brands of inversion tables, Teeter was rated Number 1 across all categories of evaluation. In fact, during these tests that simulated actual use, all four competing brands experienced catastrophic failure resulting from torn or broken metal at 12% or less of the UL 1647 standard of 30,000 cycles. Teeter remained structurally sound, exceeding the cycles standard by 133% before the test was stopped for time. 

Buyer beware -- Some brands may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. An inversion table must be safe, solid, and best for preventing injuries.



Teeter motorized table is operated with the push of a button capable of slowly and easily inversion that can be stopped at every desired rotational angle.
Teeter motorized inversion tables are UL Listed 1647 for motor-operated exercise machines.

TeeterLink Mobile App

The TeeterLink App is the ONLY program that allows Teeter users to customize their inversion experience, track pain levels and triggers, and make a plan for improvement! Compatible with all models of Teeter Inversion Tables and Android/iPhone OS.


Frequently asked questions


Is the inversion table foldable for storage? 倒吊牽引機是否能摺合?

Yes, it is, most of our inversion table can fold in just a few seconds for quick and easy storage. No disassembly required! Storage dimensions are 20″ x 29″ x 66″ (EP-960) For more storage information click pdf file here: How to store in small space or click link below to watch the video. 是可以的,摺合式的設計,使倒立機儲存容易。數秒就能把Teeter倒立機 快速摺合,只需細小空間就可收藏。EP-560 摺合後: W71cm x D51cm x H168cm。如需更細小空間,也只需數分鐘就可把組件分開,分開後體積: W71cm x D20cm x H124cm。想了解更多細小空間的儲存方法可 按此下載 pdf 文件或按連結 ​觀看短片

How heavy is the inversion table? 請問倒吊牽引機有多重量?

The weight of our manual inversion table is about 32 - 36kg, it is because Teeter uses heat-treated carbon steel in key components, which produces a steel 3 times stronger than normal. The low failure load of the competing tables is especially concerning because the inversion table bounces during full inversion with exercise, causing a potential increased load of 2-3 times the user weight. 一般家庭用Teeter倒立機重量大約在34 kg,約74磅,需視符個別型號而定。一般移動倒立機是不困難的。倒立機需負載倒立活動時的個人體重,器材是必需要有一定的重量。市面上有些倒立器材比較輕巧,相對產品安全性底,容易損壞。Teeter倒立機可承體重最高可達136kg,約300磅重。

I can't "lockout" in full inversion? 點解倒立機未能鎖定在90度角固定位置?

In your correct balance setting, your weight will keep the Table Bed "locked' in this position until you are ready to return upright. If unable to maintain an adequate "lock" while fully inverted, please check the roller hinges setting is correct or not, for more information please see your Owner's Manual or click the link below for video : EP roller hinges setting.
But if the roller hinges setting is correct, then possibly due to your body weight is too light (especially female or child) therefore, we recommend you to order a 4-Hole Roller Hinges (available for EP series only) to get full inversion (sold separately). For more information click here to download pdf document: 4 hole roller hinges. 可能是因為 Roller Hinges 設定不正確,請參考產品說明書或按此下載 pdf 文件 EP roller hinges setting 重設。但如並非 Roller Hinge 設定不正確,這可能是因為您體重較輕、身高偏矮小的關係,特別是女仕或小孩們,未能有足夠重量使倒立機鎖定在90度角位置。您需要另購配件 4-Hole Roller Hinges (只適用於EP系列倒立機)幫助解決未能進行90°倒立問題。有關配件可 按此下載 pdf 文件作參考。

Can I assembly by myself? 購買是否需要別人代勞組裝?

Yes, you may self-assembly as most of our inversion tables arrives 80% pre-assembled. The tools required for assembly are included. Total time should take only 20-30 minutes. The Assembly Instructions and Assembly & Use DVD guide you through the process. Now also available on BILT app interactive 3D instructions. 我們可安排貨品安裝服務,安裝服務暫時只能提供香港送貨地址及需另收費,但實際上組裝十分簡單方便,我們所有貨品包裝內已附上相關產品的DIY組裝說明及指引。同時您也可以在產品說明書下載,下載有關組裝說明及產品使用手冊。 現在還可 下載 BILT app,使用3D互動應用程式來組裝 Teeter 產品。

Aren’t all inversion tables the same? 市面所有倒立機看上去都大同小異?

In side by side comparisons of inversion tables, consumers may have a difficult time identifying the differences between Teeter and competing brands in regards to materials and features that are vital to their security and product longevity. But buyer beware -- looks may be deceiving. What may not be immediately obvious are vital design features for user protection and reliable function. Some brands may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues. Certification Marks: Underwriter’s Laboratories, a renowned independent product safety certification organization, has introduced safety testing and certification requirements specifically for inversion tables in UL 1647. Currently, Teeter offers the only inversion tables on the market to have passed these specifications, which test the unique function of the inversion table and simulate “real world” use. Top Ratings in Comparison Studies: In engineering reviews comparing competing brands of inversion tables, Teeter was rated Number 1 across all categories of evaluation: Static Load Test – How much weight the inversion table holds. Functional Endurance Test – How many times the table cycles from upright to inverted and returning upright again. Ease of Assembly – Time from opening the box to the product being operational. Ease of Rotation – Required effort to balance and cycle the inversion table. Ease of Lockout In Full Inversion – Required effort to fully invert and have the table lock in to that position. In fact, during these tests that simulated actual use, all four competing brands experienced catastrophic failure resulting from torn or broken metal at 12% or less of the UL 1647 standard of 30,000 cycles. Teeter remained structurally sound for over 27 years, exceeding the cycles standard by 133% before the test was stopped for time. 購買倒立機時不要只單靠外型去作選擇。正確選擇倒吊器材,應該先考慮產品的安全。倒立機從外表很難了解其安全性,質量和安全上出現問題的倒立機是不容易被察覺的,設計不當和有缺陷的倒立機,有引發安全問題之虞。為了確保人身安全,建議您選購有信譽的倒立機。了解更多 Teeter 品質誠諾 〉 警告:近年市場對倒立機需求增加,各式各樣的倒立機應運而生。面對市場競爭,廠商為了節省成本,製造及生產達不到安全標準的倒立機。這些劣質產品存在很大安全隱患,選擇時務必注意,切勿使用不安全的倒吊器材!

What are the height and weight ratings for the Teeter Inversion Table? 請問倒吊牽引機有多重量,承重量是多少 ?

The EP-560 and EP-960 are rated for users between 4’8″-6’6″ and up to 300 lb. 一般家庭用Teeter倒立機重量大約在34 kg,約74磅,需視符個別型號而定。一般移動倒立機是不困難的。倒立機需負載倒立活動時的個人體重,器材是必需要有一定的重量。市面上有些倒立器材比較輕巧,相對產品安全性底,容易損壞。Teeter倒立機可承體重最高可達136kg,約300磅重,使用者身高上限為6尺6寸。

What should I do if I experience ankle discomfort? 使用時腳踝不舒適應如何處理 ?

Because you are hanging by your ankles, you may experience some mild discomfort, especially after longer inversion sessions. Here are some tips for improving ankle comfort while inverted: Proper Footwear: Make sure you wear socks with lace-up shoes – the material will provide added cushion and support for the ankles. Cup Position: Rotate the rear ankle cups slightly downward before you secure the ankle lock system. As you invert, they will rotate to support the back of your heels. Ankle Comfort Dial: Adjust the foot platform so that there is minimal space between the top of your foot and the platform. The less your body “shifts” when you invert, the better. Proper Fit: Adjust the ankle lock system snug enough so you’re secure, but don’t clamp it super tight – this will restrict blood flow and cause discomfort. Change It Up: Try oscillation and intermittent traction. It may take days or even weeks to get comfortable with inversion, but you will soon adapt to the feeling. 倒吊是靠腳踝支撐身體重量, 因此進行時會感到腳踝有小許不適, 特別於長時間使用後。以下是一些分享, 可以改善倒立時既不適。 穿著長襪及一對合適運動鞋, 額外的物料可使腳踝增加舒適感。 調整腳踝軟墊到合適位置後才鎖定, 當進行倒吊時軟墊會轉動來保護你的腳跟。 調整腳踏板使腳面與腳扣之間的空隙減到最小。避免倒吊時身體向下移動。 適當腳踝扣直到最舒適及安全位置, 不能過份緊, 這樣會阻塞血液循環導至不適。 初次可嘗試用上下擺動或間歇地使用的方法來進行倒吊。把身體倒過來是需要一些時間去適應, 但這種感覺正常是很快可以接受的。

How much space will I need? 機身體積及高度是否適合放在家裏?

The fully assembled dimensions are as follows: EP-560 : Assembled non-use dimensions H 153 cm x W 73 cm x L 128 cm Folded dimensions H 168 cm x W 73 cm x D 45 cm Product Dimension Guide - Download PDF EP-960: Assembled non-use dimensions H 153 cm x W 73 cm x L 128 cm Folded dimensions H 168 cm x W 73 cm x D 50 cm Product Dimension Guide - Download PDF Contour L5:
Assembled non-use dimensions H 155 cm x W 76 cm x L 128 cm Folded dimensions H 173 cm x W 76 cm x D 61 cm Product Dimension Guide - Download PDF Storage tips (EP Series Only): Download PDF 大部分型號的倒立機在網頁上都附設了詳細的產品規格供參考(例如 EP-560 按此),及更多有關的資料供下載。所有Teeter倒立機都有褶合式的設計,使倒立機儲存容易。數秒就能把Teeter倒立機快速褶合,只需細小空間就可收藏。EP-960 褶合後: W71cm x D41cm x H168cm。如需更細小空間,也只需數分鐘就可把組件分開,分開後體積: W71cm x D20cm x H124cm。想了解更多可 按此下載 pdf 文件- 細小空間的儲存方法。

What’s the Difference Between the difference models? 不同款式或型號的Teeter倒立機有什麼分別?

One of the most common questions we receive is, “what’s the difference between the difference models?” While they are both excellent tables and come highly recommended, The additional features of the EP-960 mostly relate to convenience features for locking your ankles into place and getting into the preferred position. The top of our line Contour L5 inversion table has some premium features with an extra-long handle of deluxe ankle lock system, one click balance feature easily adjustment and the patented pivot system ensures smooth, whisper-soft rotation and control. Below is a brief guide to comparation of EP560 & EP960 inversion table. 560_960_PCG EP560 & EP960 Comparasion grid (PDF) 如果空間是您首要考慮條件,我們建議您選購 EP-560 或 EP-960 型號。這兩款型號褶起後所需空間比較小,另外可輕易地把機身解裝成部件,方便收藏。 如果您體重較輕、身高偏矮小,特別是女仕們或小孩,請選擇 EP-560 或 EP-960,這兩款型號可另購配件幫助解決因體重過輕者而未能進行90°倒立。 EP-560 及 EP-960,這兩款型號最主要分別是在於兩者腳踝固定器的設計有所不同,想了解更多這兩款型號的分別,可參考內頁文件 560_960_PCG EP560 & EP960 Comparasion grid (PDF) Contour 系列屬於高級型號,Contour L5 不論在機身設計及用料、操作及功能上,相比 EP 系列更為優勝。如果所需空間,並非您首要考慮條件,您或許會有興趣考慮更高級的型號,例如 Contour L5 或 Power VI-GL。

Where are your products manufactured? 這些產品是在那裡製造?

Products are manufactured in China, Taiwan, Korea and Thailand to the highest quality standards, designed and engineered in the USA. Teeter continually works to maintain solid and long-term relationships with its factories. 產品生產來自中國、臺灣、南韓、泰國等地。美國研發及設計。

Is the table safety and stability for hanging upside down? 用倒立機進行倒吊是否安全?

Teeter has been listed or classified by Underwriter Laboratories, an independent testing facility. Our consumer tables are voluntarily put through the rigorous specifications for UL 60601-1, which categorizes medical equipment for use in a clinical setting. This is the most difficult standard to meet for this type of product. Commercial and clinical products are UL Listed as well. Teeter offers the only inversion tables on the market to have passed these specifications. Since 1981, Teeter is the only company in the world to continuously produce inversion equipment. Unlike other sporting goods manufacturers that make hundreds of different products, Teeter has designed and manufactured inversion equipment exclusively, building a reputation for incomparable quality standards, testing and marketing efforts. Teeter力求為產品持續增添具優良,且獲得專利的獨特設計,堅持產品測試必須達到最高醫療級安全要求,證明Teeter更優越於市場上任何其他同類型的產品。 每一款Teeter產品都由美國權威獨立測試機構 Underwriter Laboratories進行測試及評級。除了我們商業及醫療用途的產品均通過UL測試之外,對於家用的倒吊器材,我們也自發性地進行UL60601-1嚴格測試,UL60601-1的測試標準是用來檢測用於醫學上的醫療設備。對於我們這類產品,要達到這專業標準需具備很高的質量及安全要求。Teeter 倒立機是市面上唯一能通過這測試標準的產品。 自1981年,Teeter是世界上唯一持續生產倒吊產品的公司。有別於其他運動器材生產商,生產上百種不同的商品。Teeter只專注設計和生產倒吊器材,其卓越的質量標準、測試結果和市場銷售都為Teeter公司帶來了極高的聲譽。

Can you give me some tips which model most suitable for me? 可否和大家分享一些選購貼士?

If space is not your concern, you may be interested to Contour L5 or Power VI-GL motorized inversion table. But if the space problem is your first concern, we recommend you EP-560 or EP-960 inversion table,they are smaller and easy unassembly for storage. If you nervous about inverting, you may looking for an inversion table with smooth, whisper-soft rotation which will not scaring you during the movement, motorized inversion table will be your best choice. 如果所需空間,並非您首要考慮條件,您或許會有興趣考慮更高級的型號,例如 Contour L5 或 Power VI-GL。如果空間是您首要考慮條件,我們建議您選購 EP-560 或 EP-960 型號。這兩款型號褶起後所需空間比較小,另外可輕易地把機身解裝成部件,方便收藏。 如您是身型矮小的女仕或小孩,又或者您是行動不方便的長者,電動倒立機可以在十分穩定及安靜的旋轉操控下完成您每日不同角度的倒立療程。

Can Teeter products be used or stored outside? 是否能在戶外使用倒立機?

They can be used outside but outside storage can cause product damage and voids the warranty. 倒立機在室內或在戶外使用同樣可以,但請勿收藏於戶外,這有機會導致產品損毀,這情況下產品保養也會失效。

How to rotate my body to upside down by using inversion table? 倒立機是如何把我的身體倒置?

Set the Teeter to your desired angle of inversion. Rotate on our precision balance system, which allows you total control of the speed and rotation with simple weight displacement of your arms. 只需移動手臂即可在精密的平衡系統上旋轉(轉移您手臂的重量)。將倒立機調整至您希望倒置的角度,放鬆身體,自然地使用本身的體重,只需數分鐘便能達到減壓效果。

Why is it important to find my ideal balance settings?

Your ideal balance point will give you total control over the rotation of the inversion table by shifting the weight/position of your arms. Struggling to invert or return upright will counteract the benefits of using the inversion table, so it’s important to find your ideal setting and ensure a relaxing, enjoyable experience! Your ideal balance settings are determined by your body type and weight distribution. If you carry more weight in your lower body, you may need to shorten the main shaft to get the rotation response you desire. If you carry more weight in your upper body, you may need to lengthen the main shaft. This is why your main shaft setting may differ from your actual height. Refer to Page 1.2 of the Owner’s Manual for detailed instructions on finding your ideal balance setting.

Find Your Ideal User Settings

There are four (4) User Settings on your Teeter that must be properly adjusted for your unique needs and body type. These settings include: Roller Hinge settings – The Roller Hinges control the responsiveness or rate of rotation of the inversion table. Main Shaft Settings – Once you find your ideal height setting for the Main Shaft, you will be able to rotate in a smooth action, not too fast, not too slow. Pre-Set the Angle Tether – This sets the maximum angle at which you can invert. This helps you gradually work up to greater angles comfortably. Ankle Comfort Dial – Once set, the Ankle Comfort Dial will reduce body slide on the Table Bed while inverted, which can cause a shift in weight distribution and interfere with the ease of which you can control your rotation. Take time to find your ideal settings, you’ll definitely be rewarded with smooth rotation for a more relaxing, enjoyable experience!


What shipping methods do you offer? How are your shipping rates? 如從網上商店購買後會否提供送貨服務?是否需要支付運費?

We provide door-to-door home delivery service to the address within Hong Kong and Macau area free of charge in various standard location, delivery time normally takes 3 working days in Hong Kong area and 5 working days for Macau area, but this is not a guaranteed delivery date for your order. Weather and public holidays may also cause delays. There may be additional shipping costs for remote area or buildings without lift or product can only access through staircases. For more information please click HERE. We also offer a pick-up option, if you don't want your order including delivery service, you are welcome to our showroom in Lai Chi Kok within our office hours and to pick-up by yourself. 我們可安排送貨,送貨範圍遍及香港離島及澳門地區但不包括邊境禁區。貨品會由指定物流公司於星期一至六辦公時間內運送。為了確保可以安全送抵,所有送遞貨品都需要在送達時簽收確認。 運送費用會因偏遠地區或需上樓梯而有所不同。但一般地區(香港)運送服務是免費的。送貨前會有專人與您聯絡確認運送時間及地址。若送貨安排期間緊迫,運送時間有機會延緩,但一般只需三至五個工作天(收到訂單及付款後)。

How to Order Online? 如何從網上商店購買及付款?

Just simply click "BUY NOW" button to enter to our Online Store and follow the steps to the checkout page, then you will completed your online purchase after you enter your credit card details. We using PayPal and Stripe online payment system, the most popular and safety digital payment platforms available from all over the world. Please go to Contact us and drop us a mesage if you have any request or question about order online, we are happy to help you. 從我們的網上商店購買十分簡單。不論您使用桌上型電腦、智能電話或平板電腦進入網上商店購買都一樣方便。我們使用最安全的PayPal 或 Stripe 網上付款方式,用信用卡支付款項讓客戶加倍安心。送貨一般只需2-3個工作天就能把商品送到您府上。

After I submit my order, how soon will I receive the product? 從網上購買後需多少天才收到貨品?

Delivery typically takes 3-5 working days, Macau area takes 5-7 working days. 一般地區(香港)運送服務需三至五個工作天(收到訂單及付款後), 澳門地區需約五至七個工作天。

What are the payment options? 網上購買如何付款?

We accept payment by credit card via Paypal or Stripe pay system online. If you would like to purchase your product with bank deposit to our account or by post cheque to us, you can visit our SUPPORT/PAYMENT MOTHODS click HERE. If you have further questions, contact customer service. 我們使用最安全的PayPal 及 Stripe 網上付款方式,用信用卡支付款項讓客戶加倍安心。另外也可選擇銀行戶口存款或選擇支票支付,但敬請注意:如訂單確認後三個工作天內我們未能收到有關款項,您的訂單將被取消。

How come PayPal won’t accept my credit card? 為何不接受我的信用卡?

At present, most Macau-issued credit card is not accepted by PayPal, please select another payment system - Stripe. Or you can used Hong Kong-issued credit card or mainland Bank China UnionPay debit card. Payment by bank-in to our Bank of China Macau branch can also be used for settle payment of your order. Visit our page SUPPORT/PAYMENT METHODS for more info by click HERE. 目前澳門發行的信用卡多數不被PayPal支援,澳門客戶僅能透過 Stripe 完成付款。或您可選擇使用香港發行的信用卡或如有大陸戶口,也可用大陸銀行的銀聯提款卡。另外也可選擇現金存入我們澳門中國銀行的收款戶口。

Do you have a showroom? Can I place an order at showroom? 是否有陳列室供選購?

Yes, but recently, we have a showroom & Service Center located in Kowloon, Hong Kong only. If you want to experience upside down by the inversion table with our instructors to assist you, you can book a showroom appointment by click HERE. Yes, visitor can make purchase at our showroom with the payment by Cash, EPS and Credit Cards. Showroom & Service Center: 502A 5/F Lai Cheong Factory Building, 479 Castle Peak Road, Cheung Sha Wan, KLN, Hong Kong order@inversion.com.hk | Tel: 852-3575 9332 WhatsApp: 852-6169 4643 Opening Hours: 10:30 - 19:00 Mon to Sat, Closed Sun 歡迎顧客蒞臨長沙灣陳列室,我們陳列了多款型號的倒立機讓​顧客參觀選購及試用,另也有專人講解和示範產品的使用方法。 我們希望每一位顧客在購買前對產品可以有更深入的認識、正確使用從而達致最佳的效果。請於最少一個工作天前預約體驗。陳列室開放時間星期一至六10:30 至 7:30(預約至7:00),星期日及假日休息。 注:如需導師協助試用,敬請 提前預約。此服務不收費用。 電話預約:(852) 3575 9332 / WhatsApp: (852) 6169 4643 陳列室地址: 九龍長沙灣青山道479號麗昌工廠大廈5樓502A室


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How to use an inversion table? Do you want to try? Our instructors are available to help you.

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