The Only Inversion Table on the Market that is


as a Class 1 Medical Device

Indicated for:

  • Back Pain

  • Sciatica

  • Spinal degenerative joint disease

  • Spinal curvature due to tight muscles

  • Muscle tension

  • Herniated discs

  • Degenerative disc disease

  • Spinal stenosis

  • Facet syndrome Muscle spasm

Teeter Decompression Devices are registered with FDA medical devices designed to provide traction to the spine while stretching the para-spinal muscles. To review the documentation, click here.


Relax. In just a few minutes, the body decompresses, naturally using your body weight and gravity so soft tissue in the joints can hydrate and decompress.


Progressive decompression allows each joint to be decompressed by the same weight that compresses it while upright. This "perfect" stretch helps naturally relieve back pain, keeping the weight-bearing joints healthy and allowing the weight-bearing skeleton to align, which can result in better balance, posture, and symmetry.

  • Relieve back pain

  • Improve circulation

  • Accelerates the cleansing of blood and lymph fluids

  • Relieve stress and fatigue

  • Increase oxygen flow to the brain

  • Reduce the effects of aging caused by the force of gravity

  • Maintain flexibility

  • Strengthen ligaments

  • Train balance and orientation

  • Improve overall fitness

  • Enhance cartilage nutrition and join lubrication

  • Improves joint flexibility and range of motion

  • Improve shock absorption

  • Encourage proper posture and body symmetry

  • Preventative maintenance

  • Build core strength

  • Define glutes

  • Workout recovery

  • Relieve varicose veins

In addition to the rehabilitative benefits, many doctors, physical therapists, and sports trainers recognize inversion as an effective way to prevent compression fatigue joint injuries. In fact, even the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School intends to include inversion into their worldwide physical training doctrine. 

What cause back pain & sciatica pain?

Gravity is the culprit of most kinds of back pain and sciatica pain; due to its compressive force the discs in the back lose moisture, like squeezing out a sponge the discs dehydrate and allow the vertebra to move closer to each other.


This increases the chance of pinching nerves, decreases flexibility, allows for misalignment and restricts the disc's ability to absorb nutrients.


You don't just feel this compression, it actually can be seen, in fact; the force of gravity is so powerful that it can result in two-inches of height loss by the time you reach seventy.

When you have back pain ...

you don't have a lot of options, and most options just cover up symptoms.

What can be done to fight back against the long terms affects of gravity? One option is inversion therapy. Using a Teeter at just the gentle angle of twenty degrees or as much as ninety for just a few minutes a day encourages the spine and weight bearing joints to decompress and rejuvenate.

How easy to use the Teeter? Just lock in, recline and relax! The greater the angle, the greater the stretch, but you never need to fully invert to experience relief. No pills, no sweat, no appointments – you’ll experience natural pain relief in the comfort of your own home. 


Important Medical Studies Relating to How Inversion Could Benefit You

Inversion Therapy in Patients with Pure Single Level Discogenic Disease: a pilot randomized trial. Manjunath Prasad KS, Gregson BA, Hargreaves G, Byrnes T, Mendelow AD. Regional Neurosciences Centre, Newcastle General Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK. 


Patients who were told they needed sciatic operations were divided into two groups. One group regularly practiced inversion therapy along with regular physiotherapy, while the other practiced physiotherapy alone. Authors stated, "Inversion therapy decreased the need for an operation in sciatica due to single level disc protrusion to 23% as compared to 78% in the non-inversion group. 

Inversion Therapy in Patients with Pure Single Level Discogenic Disease: a pilot randomized trial.

Published Medical Studies Show Promise in the Field of Inversion.

Researchers have noted:

  1. Patients who were unable to work due to back pain could return to work after using inversion.

  2. Inversion reduces the need for sciatica back surgery.

  3. Inverted traction is more effective than mechanical traction machines found in doctor's offices.

  4. Inversion increases spinal length.

  5. Inversion reduces EMG activity (an indicator of muscle pain).

  6. Inverted traction decompresses the lumbar area.

  7. Rhythmic traction can lower blood pressure.

  8. Inversion reduces disc pressure.


Physical Therapy

No Inversion Therapy

Physical Therapy

With Teeter for 2 minutes

3x per week for 30 days



"I acquired a Teeter unit just recently and have to say that this is the best thing I have ever had for my back pains"

Dr. Tim Emery, DVM, Fletcher, NC

"People that get on a standard routine do far better than people who go for 3 weeks therapy and then re-injure again. A daily routine which is a very good way to get your back in shape so that as we stay vertical for our lives we don't start breaking down later on."

Dr. Tontz, Orthopedic Surgeon

Frequently Asked Questions (常見問題)

How long should I invert? / 該倒吊牽引多長時間?

Approximately 3-5 minutes of inversion is necessary to effectively decompress the weight bearing joints; however, this depends on the ability of your muscles to relax and release. While there is no pre-determined time limit for using your inversion table, it's important to listen and respond to your body and remember that inversion is about relaxation and enjoyment. Beginners should ease into their inversion therapy routine, starting with only 1-2 minutes per session and advancing only as they feel comfortable. Remember that you are stretching and realigning your body, so just like other exercise programs or method of how to relieve back pain, you may feel soreness in the beginning. If you do, simply reduce your angle or duration of inversion and move at a more gradual training pace. 大約3到5分鐘,這足以有效地給負重的關節減壓,但是這取決於肌肉放鬆和釋放的能力。沒有一定的時間限制,到底應該倒吊多長時間。您身體的感覺很重要,請記住倒吊是要讓您放鬆和享受。


How often should I invert? 倒吊牽引的次數?

To achieve maximum results, we recommend routinely inverting with the Teeter several times a day. The Teeter® is a great morning wake-up or as a way to wind-down in the evening for a good night's sleep. It can also be used in conjunction with a fitness workout as a way to recover from high impact, compressive, or rotational activities - or simply as a go-to tool for occasional relief of back pain and tension. 為了達到最好的效果,我們建議您養成習慣,每天使用多次。Teeter®倒立機於早上使用有助喚醒肌肉、晚間使用有助放鬆緊張,幫助睡眠。在您進行劇烈運動或需高強度旋轉身體的運動後,可通過使用倒立機來幫助消除疲勞及恢復體能。倒立機也可作為偶爾用來緩解背部疼痛和緊張的一種有效的工具。

To what degree should I invert? 需要倒吊到什麼程度?

Beginners should start at a mild angle (approximately 20-30 degrees beyond horizontal) for the first few weeks until you become comfortable with the operation of the equipment. You should be able to completely relax your body at this angle before you invert to greater angles.

20 - 30 degrees: At this angle, muscles and joints begin to experience mild stretching with improved circulation and lymph flow.

60 degrees (parallel with the rear legs of the table): According to the Nachemson medical study, which surgically implanted pressure sensors in the third lumbar disc and compared pressure at different body positions, a pull of 60% of the patient's body weight is necessary to decompress the lumbar. This roughly equates to 60 degrees on a Teeter. To experience the full benefits of inversion, take your time and work up to the 60 degree angle.

90 degrees (full inversion): Although advancing to 90 degrees is not required to get the decompressive benefits, our survey shows that nearly half of all users do fully invert, enjoying the added freedom for stretches and exercises offered at this angle.




Isn't all the blood going to go to my head? Are there any risks? 是不是所有的血液都會流進我的大腦?會有任何危險嗎?

The body accommodates for the changing blood pressure by dilating the vessels and capillaries and increasing the cerebral spinal fluid to support the vessels. Will you feel increased pressure and will your face turn red? Probably. The redness is a result of the increased blood flow and dilation of the capillaries, which actually brings more oxygen to the brain, eyes, skin and hair. That feeling of pressure (caused by a reversal of the hydrostatic column) actually occurs outside of the skull in the face and eyes. Inside the skull, there are compensating pressures, as discussed above.

The increased circulation and therefore nutrients to the brain can actually be good for you! One preliminary study showed that the brain runs 7% faster and 14% more accurate while inverted! Any discomfort caused by the superficial pressure changes usually lessens over time as you become accustomed to inverting.
If you are a beginner and are uncomfortable with this feeling, it is OK to come up and rest a while. This is referred to as "intermittent" traction (alternating inversion with being upright) and is a good way to help get used to the inverted world. You can also try "oscillation" which is a rhythmic rocking back and forth. 身體通過擴張血管和毛細血管來適應血壓的改變,而且增加腦脊髓液來保護血管。有否覺得壓力升高,臉變紅?臉變紅是因為血流量加快和毛細血管擴張,通常會給大腦、眼睛、皮膚和頭髮帶來更多的氧氣。壓力感(由於流體靜壓反向而引起的)產生於臉部和眼睛裏,而非頭骨裏。頭骨裏有補償性的壓力,如以上提到的。


Can inversion help children with scoliosis? Does age matter?  使用倒吊牽引療法能否幫助患有脊柱側彎的兒童?年齡是否是個問題?

Our medical advisor prefers to get patients involved with inversion as early as possible. Using inversion to help slow or reverse the effects of scoliosis is helpful at any age, but especially before the bones fully harden at ages 12-14. The size of the equipment may be an issue, so younger children will need an attendant.

There are many causes of scoliosis. Some causes may be problematic for inversion (bone infection, cancer, compression fracture). Most scoliosis in children is related to bone anomalies or calcification disorders, both of which do well with inversion. Of course, you should always consult with a licensed physician.
我們的醫療顧問更希望病人能儘早地接觸倒吊牽引療法。任何年齡的患者都可以通過倒吊來延緩或者阻止脊柱側彎所帶來的影響,尤其是在12歲到14歲骨骼完全變硬以前。器材的大小可能會是個問題,年紀較小的孩子需要在成年人的看護下使用。 引起脊柱側彎的病因有很多種。某些病因可能會不適應於倒吊(骨頭感染、癌症、壓縮性骨折)。大多數兒童脊柱側彎和骨骼畸形或者鈣化症有關,這兩種情況都可以通過倒吊來進行牽引治療。請隨時諮詢執業醫師。

Inversion table suited for elderly?  年老者可否使用倒吊牽引機?

Yes, the tables provide the best back stretch also suited for older people, but we suggested consult your physician who can assist you in planning a program appropriate for your age and physical condition. This is especially important for persons with any existing health conditions, or those on medications. Please also visit our contraindications page for further information. 倒吊牽引治療對年齡不限,但有些健康問題是不適宜進行倒吊,這些病患者需先詢問醫生自己是否適合倒吊。您也可以瀏覽我們的禁忌網頁作參考。相反小童身高如小於140cm,倒立機可能作不出反應,這情況下需有他人協助,才能正常使用。

Are there health issues that would prevent me from inverting? Contraindications for inversions?  使用倒立機有否一些禁忌需注意?

Practically anyone can benefit from using a Teeter on a regular basis. Most normally healthy individuals are able to invert. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program and refer to the contraindications list below. Conditions applying to inversion devices (also included in the product Owner’s Manual) DO NOT use until approved by a licensed physician. Inversion is contraindicated in any medical or health condition that may be made more severe by an elevation of blood pressure, intracranial pressure or mechanical stress of the inverted position, or that may impact your ability to operate the equipment. This may include injury or illness, but also the side effects of any drug or supplement (prescribed or over-the-counter). Specific conditions may include, but not be limited to: Any condition, neurological or otherwise, which results in unexplained tingling, weakness or neuropathy, seizure, sleep disorder, lightheadedness, dizziness, disorientation, or fatigue, or impacts strength, mobility, alertness, or cognitive ability; Any brain condition, such as trauma, history of intracranial bleed, history or risk of TIA or stroke, or severe headaches; Any condition of the heart or circulatory system, such as high blood pressure, hypertension, increased risk of stroke, or use of anticoagulants (including high doses of aspirin); Any bone, skeletal or spinal cord condition or injury, such as significant spinal curvature, acutely swollen joints, osteoporosis, fractures, dislocations, medullary pins or surgically implanted orthopedic supports; Any eye, ear, nasal or balance condition, such as trauma, history of retinal detachment, glaucoma, optic hypertension, chronic sinusitis, middle or inner ear disease, motion sickness, or vertigo; Any digestive or internal condition, such as severe acid reflux, hiatal or other hernia, gallbladder or kidney disease; Any condition for which exercise is specifically directed, limited or prohibited by a physician, such as pregnancy, obesity, or recent surgery. 基本上倒立並不會產生任何危險,但還是有些人或狀況是不宜使用倒立機或使用時需特別注意的,茲將一些使用上的禁忌與說明事項條列如下: 如果您有下列健康問題,在沒有執業醫師的同意下,請不要倒立。(如下是一份非詳盡的清單,僅供參考) 患有僵直性脊椎炎、高血壓、中風、短暫性腦缺血 (小中風)、嚴重糖尿病與心血管疾病、心臟/循環系統紊亂疾病,裂孔疝、腹壁疝,骨頭脆弱、新近的骨折、骨骼植入物。 由於倒立會增加眼壓和視網膜動脈的壓力,患有嚴重眼睛疾病結膜炎(紅眼病)、青光眼、視網膜脫離的人應避免倒立。 患有中耳炎未癒不可使用。。 孕婦、肥胖(極度)、骨折、脊柱損傷或術後傷口未癒不可使用。 吃過東西須等一個小時後才可使用,飲酒或情緒不穩定最好先暫停使用。 如果您不確定是否適合倒立,我們建議您將這頁列印出來,以便諮詢醫生。

When will I feel benefits?  多久才能夠感覺到倒吊牽引的好處?

Some may feel the benefits right away, some over a period of 2-3 weeks of routine use. The key is getting your body to relax and release, which may take some time until you become comfortable with inverting. 有些人會馬上感覺得到,但有些人需透過2-3周的日常使用才能感到分別。關鍵的是要讓你身體完全能放鬆,這可能需要一些時間,直到你能適應為止。

Will I get dizzy?  因會頭暈所以不能倒吊?

The sensation of blood rushing to your head will ease as you get used to inverting. You can prevent dizziness upon rotating upright if you pause just above horizontal to allow your body to re-adjust. 有些人在剛開始做倒吊或倒立的時候會覺得頭暈,這不是因為你身體不好,而是你還未習慣。 進行倒吊時,你的血液在身體裡的比例與循環速度都與平常不同,完成倒吊馬上起身,血液循環速度還未適應,有機會感到頭暈。只要等其回復正常再慢慢起身,才不致有不適。 但只要你能夠堅持繼續練習就可以逐漸適應,到時候不適的感覺也會慢慢消失。

Do I have to invert to full 90 degrees to get the full benefits?  需要倒立到什麼程度?

No! Benefits start at a mild angle of 20 degrees. To fully decompress the spine, work up to 60 degrees (the angle of the rear legs). The Angle Tether allows the user to easily pre-set the angle of inversion so you never go farther than you want. It’s interesting to note, however, that over half of all Teeter customers do routinely fully invert (“lock-out” at 90 degrees) because they like the way it feels and enjoy the added freedom of movement for stretching and exercise. 在開始的幾個星期初試者應該將角度設置為20°至30°左右,呈這個角度倒立,直至您開始適應後,您身體應該可以完全地放鬆下來。在這之後可以進一步嘗試增加倒立的角度。




What do I do upside down?  倒吊時我應該做些什麼?

Many people simply kick back and relax. Others incorporate movement and stretching to maximize the benefits. Some even exercise to strengthen the core and legs. The Instructional DVD and Healthy Back Routines will show you how! 大部分使用者倒吊時只放鬆身體躺著休息,但有些使用者喜愛做一些幫助伸展的動作,甚至一些運動來鍛鍊核心肌群及大腿肌肉。您可從產品使用說明書及光碟內了解更多有關資料。

How does it work? 這產品是什麼原理?

Inverting with a Teeter allows you to target back pain at the source naturally, using your body weight and gravity to elongate and relax tense muscles while decompressing your spine and weight-bearing joints. 站立時身體重量產生的壓力,同樣的重量在倒吊時產生的牽引力可以給關節及脊柱拉開,從而軟組織能補充水分及養分,同時也可減低脊椎神經受壓。幫助您舒緩背部疼痛,保持負重關節健康及改善身體正確姿勢。

Lose my belly by using inversion table?  可以減肚腩嗎?

Inversion table aid the body by releasing pressure on the spine. Doing exercises from the inverted position increases the resistance and provides additional stretching therapy. These exercises strengthen the core muscles and help increase the flexibility of your body. Tone your lower stomach, butt & thigh by these exercises as part of your workout routine. "平坦小腹由鍛鍊核心肌肉開始" 擔心腰腹部脂肪堆積,可透過使用倒立機將這核心肌肉群加強鍛鍊,不僅可以打擊腰內肉、緊實臀肌、也能預防下背痛。

My pain has gone, should I keep using my inversion table?  用倒吊牽引機有一段時間,我腰椎的問題已改善了,痛楚也消失了,現在該怎樣?

The best way to maintain a healthy back throughout your life is by getting into the routine of decompressing your spine on a Teeter Inversion Table. Just as you brush your teeth every day to maintain your dental health, you should attend to the health of your spine with a healthy routine. There is no miracle for back pain. To achieve maximum results, we recommend routinely inverting with the Teeter several times a day. Inversion is a great morning wake-up or evening wind-down in preparation for a good night’s sleep. 其實,要有一個健康的脊椎,就好似刷牙一樣,要習慣性定期地去進行,你不會只在你覺得牙齒骯髒時才會刷牙。你會早晚各刷一次預防蛀牙或牙齦疾病。當你養成良好的口腔衛生習慣,日後就不必要付出什麼代價,使用倒吊牽引機對脊椎健康也是一樣。 每天使用幾分鐘,有效預防椎間盤退化,給脊柱解壓,使得脊柱可以自然地重新復位,減低及避免對脊椎有可能會做成的傷害和不適。早上使用可幫助伸展,讓血液加速循環,令人有一個精力充沛的早晨;晚上使用將幫助舒緩壓力、放鬆緊張的肌肉。早晚各使用3分鐘,您也可擁有健康的身體。

Can an inversion table be harmful to my eyes?  倒吊會否增加患上眼睛疾病的風險?

Since you'll go upside down when using an inversion table, the pressure will focus on your eyes and ears. However, increasing eyes pressure by using an inversion table correctly is not harmful to the eyes if you don't have any condition in these body parts, such as Glaucoma, Glaucoma or Retinal detachment. 壓力不會增加患上眼睛疾病的風險。例如青光眼:青光眼的主要成因是家族遺傳、高度近視患者、糖尿病患者、或某些遺傳病之繼發性毛病。


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