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“I Hang, I Stretch, I’m Pain Free” by Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

The slogan, “I Hang, I Stretch, I’m Pain Free” was inspired by the many companies that use slogans to create brand awareness such as WalMart’s- Save Money. Live Better. I had been wanting to create my own slogan for some time now and just the other day, while at the movies with my children, an advertisement for Jeep came on the screen and then it came to me, “I Hang, I Stretch, I’m Pain Free!”

I can’t say enough good things about Inversion Therapy (hanging upside down) and how it has helped get rid of my neck and low back pains.

It has also helped thousands of my patients now that I have been using this technique for over twenty years.

This blog came about because there are millions of people who suffer with back and neck problems and need to learn about this technique. I wanted to share my results with the world. I felt the best way to get this information out to the world was to write a book and promote this information on a blog.

It’s taken me three and a half years to research and write the book, HANGING OUT FOR PAIN RELIEF- How Inversion Can Cure Your Back Pain in 3 Minutes a Day.

You can read an excerpt from HANGING OUT FOR PAIN RELIEF here on this blog….look for the article/blog post…Commonly Asked Questions about Inversion Therapy.

I just want to iterate that at first you may not understand why hanging upside down is so good for your spine or discs. But it’s a fun and simple yet extremely effective way to stretch and decompress the human body, specifically the spine and discs. All it takes is just one minute a day for maintenance. If you have a disc problem you may need to hang for one minute three to six times a day until the problem resolves.

Here’s the main reason why hanging upside down is so effective for treating disc herniations and many other back and spine problems. Gravity causes compression to the body when you are sittingor standing.

Hanging upside down will decompress the spine due to the compression effects of gravity. It’s that simple. Nothing else will reverse the effects of gravity like Inversion Therapy. Nothing. Learn more by going to this article I wrote Commonly Asked Questions About Inversion Or Hanging Upside Down. Click this link and read more

Spinal surgery is risky and there is no guarantee that your back pain will be cured with surgery. In fact, my experience of over twenty four years with dealing with patients and listening to their comments is this: of those people who have had spinal surgery about 1/3 get better …some completely some a little better some a lot better but still have some pain. 1/3 have no change and 1/3 get worse. Besides the uncertainty of any surgery especially the spine there are several risks you will face. and the risks depend on the surgeon and the type of surgery you are being recommended. Infection, blood clots, memory loss from the anesthesia. Read more about the risks and complications here.

So if you want a simple, fast, effective and inexpensive way to treat and or prevent spinal problems……start hanging! It’s fast, simple and effective. One minute a day to a healthier, happier and longer life!

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