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Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Jim couldn’t walk more than a block because his back pain was so debilitating. He chose to try Teeter Hang Ups as a natural form of relief before having the surgical procedure suggested by his surgeon. We loved how Jim relates his experience of how a friends suggestion helped him find relief while avoiding a costly and risky surgery.

Just wanted to relate a success story. I was at my last resort before I tried surgery due to severe lower back pain: Over the past year I had three MRI’s, 3 cortisone shots, months of PT, acupuncture, orthotics. I couldn’t walk a block without severe pain. I had to sleep sitting up. I had been fighting it for about a year–steadily it kept getting worse. Finally, I went for a surgical consult who stated it would be 50:50 I would get relief from surgery. That didn’t sound good to me, but I was so desperate, I was about to agree. A friend suggested the Teeter. One month later, I am virtually symptom free. I played 18 holes of golf yesterday–no pain. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back.

The story gets more interesting. After my miraculous “healing” from the Teeter, I was feeling like a new man. Then, my wife and I went to France for 14 days for a vacation. Great idea, but no Teeter. On the vacation, we walked and walked. My back felt 100%. On the flight home, the plane was (curiously), a small one that is used for domestic, short hops. The point is, the seats were jammed together and there was really no room to stretch. In addition, there were delays on the ground in Paris and the result was we were in that cramped plane for over 9 hours. This is terrible for a guy with back issues. I got off the plane and didn’t notice any pain—just severe stiffness. The next day, I played golf. The day after, I was a cripple again due to back pain. It seemed worse than a few months before. I couldn’t even use the Teeter—too much pain. I consulted the surgeon again, Dr. Farmer, from Hospital for Special Surgery in NY. He heard my story of the miraculous recovery due to the Teeter a few months previous. He said, “Don’t do surgery. Go back to your inversion machine!”

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