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骨科醫生 Dr. Steedman 分享倒立牽引好處


經過十多年採用倒立牽引治療來紓解腰背痛的斯蒂德曼醫生承認“如果因某種原因,我不能用倒立牽引器,我將會有好不一樣的人生 。”

Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Steedman is no stranger to back pain. Not only does he see patients who suffer from chronic pain but he himself has a spinal condition that gave him severe back pain.

He found relief only after inverting on a Teeter Inversion Table on a regular basis. After over ten years of inverting, Dr. Steedman recognizes the impact that Teeter has had on him; “If for some reason I couldn’t do inversion, my quality of life would be markedly diminished.”